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Who We Help: 



The Walker School provides special education, child welfare, mental health services and therapeutic programs to students suffering from mental illness, autism or the results of severe abuse and neglect. Located in Needham, Massachusetts, Walker is a vibrant member of the community and we are happy to contribute to their mission of helping children and families in need of special support.


The Dedham Community House in Dedham, Massachusetts runs a wonderful Summer Camp Program. The main purpose of the Summer Camp Program is to provide a safe, comfortable, enriching, and reliable childcare environment that fosters emotional maturity and promotes the physical, social, and intellectual well-being of the school-aged child. Gretchen’s Kids has been proud to sponsor of two scholarships each year in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 for under privileged children to attend the summer camp at DCH for the entire summer!


ReadBoston is a nonprofit children’s literacy program who’s mission is to ensure that all children can read at grade level by the end of the third grade. ReadBoston works with childcare and early education centers, Boston Public Schools, after-school programs and many nonprofits and community based organizations, to create sustainable literacy programs and practices. To date Gretchen’s Kids has donated over 2000 children’s books to ReadBoston!


Give Back, Give Books is Rochester Education Foundation's program give books to city school students to take home or for city school libraries. Launched in 2006, they accept and distribute new books, encourage exciting literacy events with book distributions, and engage more community members in this effort. Once the books have been read and enjoyed in class, they donate them to the students to help build their home libraries. Many Rochester city school children do not have books at home and the average fiction book in the city school libraries is about 20 years old. Gretchen’s Kids was able to support Give Back, Give Books in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Gretchen began her teaching career in the Rochester, New York area, so are delighted to support this great program.


The Sister Regis Food Cupboard in Rochester, New York is a food pantry run by the Sisters of Mercy and has been feeding those in need since 1983. Over 700 families receive assistance from them each month. The Saint Andrews Food Cupboard has been helping underprivileged families in Rochester, New York for thirty years. It provides food assistance for families, including over 4100 children or infants each year. Their mission of helping underprivileged children is certainly in line with our mission at Gretchen’s Kids. We were very proud to support this organization in 2009 and 2010 and help them with their mission of providing food to families in need.


Our Lady of Lourdes in Atlanta, Georgia was founded in 1912 and was the first African American Catholic Church in Atlanta. Their choir serves both the church community and the community at large and has sung before national and international audiences. The choir gave Gretchen a lot of comfort and joy in her life and they are deeply appreciative of our support.


The last school Gretchen taught at was Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. Gretchen loved the Atlanta Zoo, so in 2008 Gretchen’s Kids was excited to sponsor the Zoomobile for the entire fourth grade class at Morningside. This program gives students a connection to animals and conservation without ever leaving the classroom.



“What a wonderful surprise it was to receive the very generous support from Gretchenʼs Kids. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. It will really make a difference in our Give Back, Give Books program in the coming year.”Rochester Education Foundationʼs Give Back, Give Books program 2013

“I cannot thank you enough for your continued support of scholarships for children attending the Dedham Community House Summer Camp. You have truly made a difference again this summer.” Dedham Community House 2012

“Our grant with Food link expired and it is only your donation with others that is enabling me to purchase food for the cupboard until July 1 when I can again receive food from Food link. Thank you in the name of all the poor who receive food at our cupboard.”Sister Regis Food Cupboard 2012

“It has been an honor to be chosen as a recipient of your charity, given the story of Gretchenʼs life long commitment to children and your continuing work to honor her legacy. This was a milestone year for us at REF as we donated out 30,000th book to a city school student. The books we donated this year are being used to support book clubs, events that bring parents to school to participate in reading events with their children, collaborations between art and classroom teachers that bring books alive for students and many other ways. At the end of the school year, once the books have been read and enjoyed in class, we donate them to students to help them build their home libraries. Students tell us how much they love the books in thank you notes we receive. Some have told us it is the first book they have ever gotten to keep.”Rochester Education Foundationʼs Give Back, Give Books program 2012

“We are truly honored to be chosen for this support awarded in memory of Gretchen Stephan. Your foundation is a wonderful testimony to the role she played in the lives of her friends. This gift will help us continue giving thousands of new books to city students. “ Rochester Education Foundationʼs Give Back, Give Books program 2011

From the kids in this program:

“Thank you for all the wonderful books. I love them and think they are great. Now I can read my heart out. Your the best! “

“Thanks you for giving us the books to read. My favorite book is diary of a wimpy kid last straw. I didnʼt like to read in first grade, but now I love reading forever. “

“Thank you for the books you gave us.....You guys are so generous and kind.”

" Dear Rochester Education Foundation, Thank you for the books. We appreciate it. We love books. We love reading books because it makes us learn. Your books are cool and nice because cartoon books are awesome. Books are good" because you can go to collage.“

Each year Walker continues to advance its mission of educating and supporting children, teens, and their families. Because of the support of friends like you, we have seen so many lives change for the better.” Walker School 2011


“I canʼt begin to express what your gift means to Our Lady of Lourdes Music Ministry. The money is most definitely helpful and will go to extremely good use, thereʼs no doubt about that. But more important than the monetary value, I so greatly appreciate the thought behind the gift. ..The music ministry will continue to warm hearts and hopefully bring happiness to many, We will also keep Gretchen in our thoughts and prayers. The support of people like you certainly helps.” Our Lady of Lourdes Choir 2011

“I am touched that your experience supporting two campers at DCH camp last summer moved you to support two children again this year. The foundations contribution will allow two children from dire economic straits to enjoy a summer of camp and field trips. This means so much to these children and their families...Thank you again for choosing to honor Gretchenʼs memory in this way. We are proud to help you do so.”Dedham Community House 2011


I want to thank you and everyone at Gretchenʼs Kids for your generosity in providing full summer camp scholarships for two children in need. You made a huge difference in the lives of these children this summer. Your grant funded 9 weeks of camp for one boy and one girl, each about to enter the 5th grade. The girlsʼ family is homeless and has been living in a hotel. The joy she got from camp was so drastically different from what her summer would have been like. Her time at camp also allowed her parents time to work to put their lives back together. The boy lives with his single mother who relied on our summer camp for child care.” Dedham Community House 2010

“What a wonderful gift we have received in memory of Gretchen! And what a beautiful legacy you have created for her. With your help and that of other friends, we were able to provide 826 families with food assistance in November and December. These families included 1070 children and 52 infants. We are delighted to count these youth as ʻGretchenʼs Kids.ʼ” Saint Andrews Food Cupboard 2009

“This is just a quick note, but it comes from my heart to yours as I and the Lourdes Music Ministry continue to reflect on the memories of Gretchen...Words cannot convey our gratitude.” Our Lady of Lourdes Choir 2009

“We provide food for over 4100 children or infants each year...We are completely in line with Gretchenʼs legacy of assistance to underprivileged children. And yes, we are privileged to receive her generosity.” Saint Andrews Food Cupboard 2008“The gift was wonderful, but it was your kindness and thoughtfulness that meant the most to the Lourdes Music Ministry.” Our Lady of Lourdes Choir 2008



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